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Who We Are

Who We Are


Zharf UK is consulting firm. Our focused market is developing countries in Middle East and Africa. We serve a wide range of private and public sector organizations. In our organization, close collaboration is the core value amongst employees at all levels and with the clients. Working together as an integrated group, our people challenge themselves to develop and apply innovative solutions. For us good is not the ultimate goal. Be the best in all what we do is one of the primary values for Zharf UK. What makes different us from other consulting companies is not how big we are, the number of offices, nor what we serve to our clients, but the main factor of difference is our drive to affect the world by what we do for our clients.


Our Values:

  • Customer Orientation

    All of our activities and services are in accordance with the customer satisfaction and loyalty, consequently. This is the real meaning of wealth in our shareholders' perspective.

  • Responsibility

    When we accept to challenge any problem for the client, we accept all implementation issues even after service delivery. We do not leave our clients. We believe long-term relationship.                                      
  • Flexibility

    As an international firm, our target audiences are located in several different areas, from Europe to Middle East, Africa and East Asian countries. We serve our clients by variety of cultures, attitudes, values and beliefs.
  • Meritocracy

    Our consultants have been selected among the graduates of best management universities in the word. This does not mean Meritocracy. We believe in continues training and development for our experts.
  • Care

    Considering respect for the environment when serving our clients is one of the most important values in our board of directors' point of view.